A ceiling product created to solve
falling-from-height issues in residential construction.
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Innovative Product,
Dreamed in Ashburton.

Introducing Innovative Ceiling Systems, the safest, most efficient answer to fall prevention.

Why our system beats the alternatives

Safety nets are less effective

A complicated system that requires the correct sag and fall height to be calculated correctly makes the product very difficult to install. A timely installation process with individual nets needed for separate rooms and regular inspections are necessary.

Safety nets are hired and reused, and are therefore an extra cost to the building structure itself. Delays often occur due to safety nets being installed prior to the roof trusses and then removed on installation of the roof cladding. 

Fall Breakers have limitations

Daily inspections are required to ensure drain holes are not blocked which results in a catchment of water becoming heavy and distorting the frame. The product cannot be used as a work surface for resting tools on, let alone walking across.

Fall Breakers should be used within six months of receiving and need to be cut off and disposed of afterwards as cannot be incorporated into the building structure.

Innovative prevention of falling accidents in construction.

“I was introduced to ICS through the Certified Builders Association. I was attracted to the system because it eliminates the potential for my staff and sub‐contractors to fall while working on the roof but more so because of what it contributes to the building and the building process.”

‐ Trident Homes (Oamaru)

The Weatherproof Lid!
Simple, quick installation!

Why use ICS?



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Home Owners

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